About us

Ferrania Solis S.r.l. manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules. It designs, develops, manufactures and distributes photovoltaic solutions worldwide in collaboration with selected external parties. Ferrania Solis range of products (fully made in Italy) is the following:

  • Photovoltaic crystalline silicon modules from 4 to 72 cells;
  • Photovoltaic systems for all uses;
  • Off-Grid (stand-alone) systems and components;
  • On-Grid (grid connected) systems and components.

Experience and know-how

Ferrania Solis S.r.l. is controlled by Messina Group, which is active in shipping, industrial and real estate business. Ferrania Solis srl is a company with technological know-how and passion for innovation that analyze customer's expectations, putting at their disposition its competence and speed in dealing with the target market.

Integration and Entrepreneurship

Ferrania Solis S.r.l. range of products, systems and services is rich in value, accuracy and quality. All products are tested according to the IEC technical standards and Ferrania Solis integrated management system conforms to quality, environment, social responsibility and health&safety internationally recognized standards.